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Tepper Holdings is a well established Canadian organization.

Founder, Ron Tepper has breathed new life into the firm by moving beyond its long standing commercial real estate holdings to find win-win investment opportunities across various industries. The result... a valuable resource for Canadian business looking for a partnership to take their enterprise to the next level.

Tepper Holdings is interested in partnerships with select business owners that have a solid offering and a desire to see their companies grow and expand beyond where they can take it themselves.

To date, Tepper Holdings has invested in companies that collectively have annualized revenues of $850 million.

Tepper Holdings provides:

  • Pre-approved and extensive financial resources with primary lenders at preferred rates
  • Employee benefits packages
  • IT expertise
  • Marketing resources
  • An unmatched business network
  • Council and advice from recognized industry leaders
  • A experiential knowledge based partnership
  • Winning, strategic business planning and implementation