Tepper holdings team at work
About THI : Our Team at Work

Our Team at Work

Tepper Holdings is a well established Canadian organization.

Tepper Holdings has assembled a who’s who of Canadian business executives to help selected partner companies grow and prosper. This “swat” team of professionals covers a cross section of industries and possess well honed skills to handle the legal, accounting, benefits, technology, finance, strategy and vision to make your business soar. This core team, combined with “Old Salt Capital” board members, advisors and extensive business and investment network, translates to a work smart, make it happen environment.

We are deliberate in our assessment and execution of any possible partnerships with primarily Canadian entrepreneurs. We look for cash flow on our investment and return for our investors. We are in business to make money but also as entrepreneurs, we thrive on creating growth and seeing business succeed. We are in a position to make a difference and pay it forward. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to find opportunities to make that happen.