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Over 20 years of thriving investments in growing Canadian enterprises

In 1997, Ron Tepper founded Tepper Holdings while at the helm of Consolidated Fastfrate Inc. as their President and CEO. After 13 years, we opened our first corporate office in Richmond Hill, ON, to continue building a network of Canadian business investments, supporting their economic success.

Our early holdings were predominantly in Consolidated Fastfrate Inc. and Canada Drayage Inc., with real estate holdings in their freight terminals across the country.

Over time, we have continued financing companies involved in transportation and other sectors, which have progressed to become leaders in North America.

Today, Tepper Holdings Inc. focuses on three specific areas:

  1. Investments in Companies

    Our largest investment is in the Fastfrate Group of Companies, where Ron Tepper also acts as Executive Chairman. THI provides financial advice and resources and actively participates in the strategic direction of the Fastfrate Group. More passive investments include the Diamond Group, which is situated in Laval, QC. Recently, THI has opened its Air Charter division, providing private chartering services.

  2. Real Estate

    To date, THI has invested in six freight terminals for the Fastfrate Group and is currently in the planning and construction phase of the seventh property located in Ottawa, ON. THI continues to invest in properties to support the Fastfrate Group’s growth initiatives.

  3. Investments

    THI manages an investment portfolio of publicly traded securities. A portion of this portfolio has been carved out to finance along with our investment partners.

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