Exterior and interior image of THI Gulfstream G200 jet with THI logo on tail at airport


Luxury flight services to travel in style, safety and comfort

THI Aviation was formed to cater to individuals who are seeking a superior mode of air travel. Established in 2019, our focus is to provide private charters with an elite level of service.

Our Gulfstream G200 includes a newly designed long, sleek wing with above-average engine performance, increasing its overall speed, range and versatility. Gulfstream is also recognized globally for its passenger comfort. You will experience this first-hand in the large, quiet cabin and throughout the duration of your flight with the abundance of features that most aircrafts in this class do not include.

Offering exceptional passenger comfort with quiet cabins and luxury features:

  • 10-passenger seating
  • Maximum travel range of 2,959 statute miles
  • Maximum cruise speed of 540 mph
  • 6’3” cabin height
  • 870 cu. ft. cabin volume with 2 separate seating areas
  • 150 cu. ft. of baggage storage
  • Fresh (not recirculated) air running every 2.5 minutes in-flight
  • Maintained cabin altitude from under 7,000 ft. up to 41,000 ft.
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Complimentary beverages, snacks, including a fully stocked bar

Capable of flying over 3,000 miles, our G200 can cover these routes and more:

  • Toronto to Fort Lauderdale - 2 hrs 30 min
  • Toronto to Turks and Caicos - 3 hrs 20 min
  • Toronto to Saint Marten - 4 hrs 10 min
  • Toronto to Vancouver - 4 hrs 30 min
  • Toronto to Los Angeles - 4 hrs 40 min
  • Toronto to San Jose, Costa Rica - 5 hrs 30 min

With all of our charter services, THI Aviation provides privacy and discretion throughout your flight including blocked registration from public air trafficking sites.

Exterior image of THI Gulfstream G200 jet with THI logo on tail at airport
Gulfstream G200 jet side door with steps descending
Interior of Gulfstream G200 jet with leather seats and round windows
Side view of Gulfstream G200 jet exterior in front of Skyservice facility
Interior of Gulfstream G200 jet with leather seats and leather bench with square wooden table
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